Department of
Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Trainee Committee

The Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Trainee Committee is responsible for addressing the needs of the graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the department. This committee is charged with identifying ways to create a sense of community for students and fellows and to increase interactions between trainees and the faculty. Current initiatives of the committee include the publication of the department newsletter and selecting and hosting a seminar speaker. The Committee meets regularly with faculty and departmental administration to suggest and implement improvements for students and fellows. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact one of the committee members.

Assaf Alon (Kruse lab)

Ravindra Amunugama (Walter lab)

Alexander Baier (Kruse lab) *Co-Chair

Elizabeth Boehm (Walter lab)

Mabel Duyao (Administration)

Daniela Fera (Harrison lab)

Jason Heustis (Curriculum Fellow)

Krishanthi Karunatilaka (Hogle lab)

Hyeongjun Kim (Loparo lab)

Olga Kochenova (Walter lab)

Phong Lee (Harrison lab)

Emily Low (Walter lab)*Co-Chair

Kristen Parker (Administration)

Elizabeth Ransey (Sliz lab)

Ben Richards (Walter lab)

Nathan Schauer (Buhrlage lab)

Monika Stamberg (DNA core)

Ethan Van Arnam (Clardy lab)

Madhvi Venkatesh (Curriculum Fellow)

Kyle Vrtis (Walter lab)