Department of
Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Ordering Procedures

Standard Orders

  1. Each laboratory orders its own supplies and equipment via MarketPlace in HCOM.
  2. The HCOMarketplace is an online eProcurement tool where Harvard purchasers can access over 200 vendors through punchouts (custom vendor websites) and catalogs. HCOM is integrated with Harvard’s Oracle Financials system to efficiently facilitate being able to shop and select items for purchase orders.
  3. If you do not currently have access to HCOM and you would like to use HCOM for purchasing, please contact your lab's grant manager to discuss what is needed for Oracle and HCOM access.
  4. For additional resources and documents related to HCOMarketPlace, please visit


Radioactive Materials

  1. Fill out Req. form from PO system, adding licensee name (head of lab), and radioactive license number.
  2. Next, call Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), 5-2060, and they will give you a radioative P.O. #, "RP-----".
  3. EH&S will ask for name of investigator, vendor, isotope to be purchased and Req. #. Use the computer generated PO number for Req. #.
  4. Place phone order to vendor and follow remaining instructions per Standard Orders.


Non-P.O. Orders

  1. Non-MarketPlace items such as journal subscriptions and membership dues can be paid on P-card.  Please give all original documentation to your grant manager. See reimbursement procedures.
  2. When ordering from a Harvard service office, i.e. Central Supply, Office for Information Technology, you would give them your Harvard 33 digit account code number, 520-45310-XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX, in place of a P.O. #. There is no need to fill out a Requisition form for these orders, but you can as a form of record keeping.