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Purchasing Card

PCARD Regulations - More Info

  1. Transactions must be reviewed weekly before 2pm on Thursdays, on Settlement System by card holder and grant manager.
  2. Only check “reviewed” after making sure all information is correct.
  3. Turn in all transaction receipts to your lab grant manager. This includes on-line Fedex transactions.
  4. Make sure the object code is accurate for the transaction.
  5. The business purpose must list when, where, why, who and what the expense was for.
  6. Do not share your Pcard with others in the lab. Each person placing orders should have his/her own Pcard.
  7. The Pcard cannot be used for travel, and there is a $2,500 limit on a single charge. The Pcard is never to be used for personal purchases or to buy gift cards.
  8. Sales tax should not be charged on the Pcard. Be sure to check your receipts for such charges.
  9. If your purchase is made via, you are required to submit both the order confirmation page (price must be indicated) as well as the packing slip.
  10. Please familiarize yourself with the Harvard's P-card policy:


Purchasing Card Policy and Application




Last update: September 11, 2015