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Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Room Scheduling

There are a number of conference rooms available for anyone within the Harvard community. Select the desired room from the list below to open the room calendar and reserve the room. If the room is available for your preferred time, click on the date to open the scheduling form.

In order to make your reservation valid, it is necessary to enter your name and phone number in the calendar "Popup text" field, otherwise administrator reserves the right to delete your entry without notice.

While submitting entry to a calendar make sure that your information is correct, because you will not be able to change it yourself after you click "Create Event" button. If you submitted incorrect information or if you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact Kristen Parker

Please notify Custodial Service if food will be involved in the meeting by sending an email to Facilities at

Also, please remember to clean up after your meeting!




Q: How to search for an open time slot in ALL BCMP conference rooms?

A: Do one of the following:

1) Click HERE and select "bcmp_rooms", date, start and end times


2) Go to any calendar and click "Options" link (at the bottom of each calendar) -> Open Time Search -> select the date in Date Selector -> select start and end time -> under "Select Calendar Groups" select "bcmp_rooms" -> click "Search" button

Room Description
Master calendar that displays all events in all BCMP conference rooms. This calendar is "view only". You can't reserve rooms on this calendar.
Conference room with 12 seats (can hold 20-25), table, overhead projector, screen, blackboard

Auditorium with 113 seats, podium, overhead projector, 2 screens, blackboard, network connection, speakers, microphone.
Reserved by MEC everyday 9am-12pm, to reserve at this time:
Contact the Room Scheduling Department at  or Catherine Currid at 432-2020

Need A/V?  Contact Media Services at

Conference room with 12 seats (can hold 20-25), 6 movable tables, screen, overhead projector, kitchen.
Conference room (Bowditch Library)- projector, whiteboard
Available solely for the use of BCMP
Conference room  - projector, whiteboard
Available solely for the use of BCMP
Conference room
Available solely for the use of BCMP
Conference room with 10-12 seats, table, screen, whiteboard
Conference room