Department of
Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Robert R. Rando

Professor Emeritus
Room LHRRB - 208
45 Shattuck Street
Boston MA 02115

My laboratory is focused on the use of chemical approaches to solve basic biological problems. In particular, we are interested in the chemical basis of sensory signal transduction. A long-standing interest has been on the chemical/molecular basis of vertebrate vision. Here a major interest in on understanding the mechanisms of visual pigment (rhodopsin) regeneration and visual adaptation. A group of highly novel molecular processes have been identified. The enzymes and molecular chaperones involved in the biosynthesis of 11- cis -retinal (the visual chromophore) from vitamin A are being identified, cloned, and their mechanisms of action and modes of regulation are being established. These studies have led to novel approaches towards the treatment and prevention of retinal and macular degeneration.


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