Department of
Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Financial Policies and Regulations

Temporary Employment Regulations

  1. The general rule is that a temporary employee can only be on the payroll for 90 days and work no more than 17.5 hours/week. Harvard students and intern programs are the only exception, and have no time limit.
  2. Initial forms needed for temporary employment are: state and federal tax forms, hire form, I9 form and hourly time sheet. Contact Paula Harwick.
  3. Time sheets must be signed by supervisor and submitted weekly, C1-214.
  4. Work study students must turn in their work study card to Mabel Duyao before they can be hired.

Cost Transfer Policy (PDF file)

Cost Transfer Policy

Effort Reporting Policy

Guidelines for Federal Sponsor expenditure

SPA Proposal Submission Guidelines

Stipends on Sponsored Awards

Travel Policy (OSP)